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A morphing origami-based frequency filter

This is a really cool innovation – researchers printed a frequency filter onto a piece of origami, and found a folding technique that allows it to morph from one frequency blocker to another frequency blocker depending on how much you ‘pull out’ or ‘flatten’ the folded origami structure. The result is a portable, light-weight frequency… Read More »

Furman Report recommends unlocking digital competition

Commissioned by the UK government, the recently published Furman Review calls for unlocking digital competition. Ever feel frustrated by the stranglehold that Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other major players have on the online market? This lack of choice and competition is exactly what the report attempts to address. Most importantly, it proposes creating a ‘digital… Read More »

Disposable electronics could mean more than just the IoT

The recent Spectrum article on how cheap, biodegradable and disposable electronic parts could bring the IoT a lot more applications than it has today is something quite captivating. I mean, with the combination of low production costs, environmentally friendly disposal, and ubiquity, why just stop at internet-connected applications? In particular, consider wearable electronics. If we… Read More »