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Want some gluten-free wheat?

An Italian company has invented a way of treating wheat so that it no longer contains the allergens that celiac (gluten-allergy) patients react to. That means, you can eat gluten-free pasta and breads that taste like normal pasta and bread, but don't cause the nasty gluten-based reactions. Being curious as to how that works, I… Read More »

Sociotechnological implications: Levelling the Stock Market Playing Field

Sociotechnological implications: Levelling the Stock Market Playing FieldUnifying the very small and the very large Ever wonder how high-speed trading gets people rich? It's a very simple algorithm, really, and can be beat by an ingeniously simple solution:1) Watch for a 'slow' buy order coming from a real person2) Issue the same order at another… Read More »

Introducing Cell-Machine Interfaces

What happens if technology and biology could seemlessly communicate? And I mean seamlessly – no wired implantations, but biological implantations capable of converting wireless signals from, say, your overhead lights, to human stimuli, say triggering antibody production? That's what these fancy new E.Coli do. Yes, they're organic. And they are modified to be able to… Read More »