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On Teleportation

Yes, it is still science fiction. See, the latest development in the field of quantum teleportation is that you no longer need fiber optic cables to teleport, but you still need to be connected by atmospheric waves, it seems. /cc +fan tai Reshared post from +EuroTech Teleportation Across Ocean Watersby +Sophie Wrobel, +EuroTech; Germany The… Read More »

Nothing new, but don’t ignore!

  I don’t think it’s ever been a secret that most mobile apps are insecure. And finally, someone went around quantifying that presumption. If you develop web apps, or if you make in-app payments or make use of cloud services containing important data, you should read this. Here’s hoping that ‘mobile development’ stops being an… Read More »

Vacuum cleaning without hairballs

Cool. I need one of these! Stooping every few meters to pick up the hairball collecting at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, and then continue vacuuming, is very annoying. I wonder, though, how easy it is to clean the vacuum cleaner, if it indeed has such a fancy head? Reshared post from +EuroTech Dyson… Read More »

Look! We're catching up to Japan!

Looks like all those legendary mobile authentication and payment methods available already in Japan is finally coming to Europe. It'll be interesting to see how far this sets in and how adoption goes. After all, Ericsson isn't quite as dominant a player as Samsung… Reshared post from +EuroTech Telcred Transforms Your Phone Into Highly Secure… Read More »