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The Higgs Boson  Discovery!

… read the rest yourself. Happy lunch! and +João Serrano , no more flag waving now. 😉 Reshared post from +EuroTech Congratulations Europe on Finding the Elusive God Particle!by +Sophie Wrobel, +EuroTech; Germany Today, almost fifty years after Peter Higgs theorized there should be another particle, European research center +CERN presented an update on the Higgs Boson… Read More »

Commercial-scale quantum computing: telecom compay's worst nightmare

Entanglement and commercialization of miniscule physics This team of researchers has discovered a way of producing entangled quantum pairs – a first critical step in mass-producing, and commercializing, quantum computers. But wait, there's more: the entangled particles are always in the same state, regardless of distance. So… this little messanger could also be used to… Read More »

A lighter LifeSaver water filter?

A while ago there was a neat TED talk on a nano-filtration system used to create water bottles which could filter almost anything (including industrial waste runoff) to produce safe drinking water. If I read correctly, Graphene may prove to be a more lightweight alternative to that filter system. This could save lives in areas… Read More »