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US starts laying the groundwork for EU Privacy Shield

Privacy Shield is going to replace the Safe Harbor agreement for data transfer between the EU and US – as the Safe Harbor agreement was struck down as invalid by the courts. It should provide more personal protections. The question is, however, whether that is sufficient. One of the biggest loopholes is that the new… Read More »

Effective personalized learning, but without personal information

Coming from Facebook, I'm quite skeptical on Zuckerberg's particular take on personalized learning. It looks like an attempt to monetize the immense data reserves held by Facebook with very little investment on learning outcomes. But at the same time, I think it is worthwhile to highlight the effectiveness of personalized learning as a tool that… Read More »

Proposed Australian data retention bill actually gets scrutinized

These days, it seems that legislation makes it through to become law quite often without due scrutiny – resulting in problematic definitions and implementations that work against the interests of citizens. Thankfully, this proposed bill did receive it's share of due scrutiny that all draft bills deserve. What the draft forgot to provideThe questions raised… Read More »