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Software defined networks are changing the internet backbone

If you don't know what a software-defined network is or how it works, read the linked post. These networks have wide-ranging implications, both positive and negative. Example: Throttling and bandwidth quotas.Implementing bandwidth quotas has been, in the past, something costly, inefficient, and a major consumer annoyance. But now, it comes practically out-of-the-box for internet service… Read More »

Hm. The article does say 'cross-licenced' – I wonder

1) what patents Samsung gets access to under the agreement, 2) whether Microsoft will be paying Samsung for every licensed software sold including a Samsung patent,3) whether any additional (non-formal?) agreements got tagged onto this agreement,and many other open questions. /via +Timothy Pakkianathan Reshared post from +Chris Robato Microsoft signs patent agreement with Samsung, will… Read More »


I wonder if there's a "classic" option, or if this is going to be as bad as every other Microsoft product introducing their new toolbar and not giving users any chance to get to something usable, efficient and "unoptimized" according to the new standard. Seldo’s Tumblr, This is genuinely Microsoft’s idea of a… This is… Read More »