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Coming soon: Privacy-enabled open source mobile

The creator of Mandrake Linux is taking a bold step to go up against Google – by building am open-source Android operating system that isn't going to cough up all your data to Google. 'Do no evil.' Or so they once said, at Google. This definitely looks like an effort worth supporting, in these days… Read More »

Why begging Google to be more careful won't solve the "Ads on Hate Speech Video" issues

Perhaps you remember the waves of advertiser boycotts of YouTube for posting ads on videos with hate speech, followed by considerable online discussion on how big social media companies are evil and should be held liable somehow. The problem here is that YouTube's hands are bound: They are a content hosting platform, and as such,… Read More »

Can technology disrupt social discourse to prevent history from repeating itself with the rise of new demagogues?

This is one of the reasons why I love the Google+ community – People like +Ferdinand Zebua go off to trigger some fascinating discussions. But it's also a topic that I'd think has potential – if some leading company has a motivation to take action. To summarize the general gist of things: instead of using… Read More »

Have you updated your browser security settings?

The attached article contains a great explanation on how the latest disclosed attack on SSL v3, POODLE, works. The POODLE attack was discovered by a team of engineers at Google, and abuses the SSL handshake protocol to allow an attacker to decrypt targeted stored cookies, for example your Google authentication cookie, and thus steal your… Read More »

Looking for more SEO? Turn on HTTPS

This is an interesting little tip: Google is planning to increase the weight of websites running HTTPS in their search ranking algorithm. The reason they cite is security. Even if a website is not hosting any personal or private data, HTTPS makes it harder for attackers to take down the site. At the same time,… Read More »