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The star's life cycle

My daughter cant stop singing twinkle twinkle now… +Max Huijgen​'s fault! Seriously, very nice little video. 😉 #Learning #geist Originally shared by +Henry Reich I'm SUPER EXCITED to announce my new video and first Children's Book, Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle, a collaboration with +Zach Weiner of SMBC Comics and illustrator +Chris Jones . Please watch… Read More »

Put on your thinking cap, please: How can a cesarean birth cause epigenetic changes in DNA?

Catchy headline, sensational picture, and a big question of confusion on my brow: why should cesarian delivery be responsible for changes in genetic expression in the baby's DNA? To be clear: the scientists claim that DNA methylation – which affects with what frequency genes are expressed – changes at a faster rate for babies delivered… Read More »

Conquering your emotions

Stories play a large role in society – they are not only deeply intertwined bits of culture, history, and life, but they also shape our values and thoughts. So much so, that they can put you back in control over your emotions – and turn disheartenment back into inspiration. It seems, then, that the secret… Read More »