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CERN claims speeds faster than light – again!

So that explains the 'faster than light' particles from CERN a few weeks ago… maybe. If light speed isn't actually the upper speed barrier, though, we may need to revisit our explanations of how the universe works – and how many dimensions it has. Reshared post from +EuroTech Faster than light or faulty setup? CERN… Read More »

New VLC Player! W00t!

VLC player is one of the few players that actually plays almost any media without complaining. If you've ever received a homemade DVD, bought a VCD while on vacation, or tried to open a video file with an unusual sampling rate, you'll know what I mean… (and all of these use cases are completely legal,… Read More »

Iran has their UCAVs, China does too

and soon Europe will as well! Technology is not meant to be hoarded by US patent holders, and it'll with drones approved in most airspaces now, it will be interesting to see what role drones play in our society of tomorrow. Reshared post from +EuroTech Europe on track for its first stealth drone flight!Dassault-led research… Read More »

The US vs. Europe

In my opinion, the EU (and UK) are too deep in bed with the USA. And that needs to change faster than I suspect politicians are willing to. 1. From a pure business perspective, China is now a larger EU export customer than the USA. We need to make policies more Asia-friendly, whether we like… Read More »

Looks like I'll be busy for some hours watching catchup from this and TEDxRheinMain…

Looks like I'll be busy for some hours watching catchup from this and TEDxRheinMain – two excellent idea-spreading events from the last few days! Reshared post from +EuroTech TEDxEutropolis, or how ideas can make borders fade!Some highlights from our reporter at last Saturday´s Tedx conference about the Eutropolis, the so called European Meuse-Rhine region Over… Read More »

A lighter LifeSaver water filter?

A while ago there was a neat TED talk on a nano-filtration system used to create water bottles which could filter almost anything (including industrial waste runoff) to produce safe drinking water. If I read correctly, Graphene may prove to be a more lightweight alternative to that filter system. This could save lives in areas… Read More »