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Want some gluten-free wheat?

An Italian company has invented a way of treating wheat so that it no longer contains the allergens that celiac (gluten-allergy) patients react to. That means, you can eat gluten-free pasta and breads that taste like normal pasta and bread, but don't cause the nasty gluten-based reactions. Being curious as to how that works, I… Read More »

Why Europe’s sharing economy is suffocating

I've been thinking lately that there are a couple problems with the way things are set up today which really prevent the sharing economy from taking off in Europe. At the center of everything is a shift in values: people don't value ownership as much as they used to. Instead, they value access. For example,… Read More »

The US vs. Europe

In my opinion, the EU (and UK) are too deep in bed with the USA. And that needs to change faster than I suspect politicians are willing to. 1. From a pure business perspective, China is now a larger EU export customer than the USA. We need to make policies more Asia-friendly, whether we like… Read More »

A lighter LifeSaver water filter?

A while ago there was a neat TED talk on a nano-filtration system used to create water bottles which could filter almost anything (including industrial waste runoff) to produce safe drinking water. If I read correctly, Graphene may prove to be a more lightweight alternative to that filter system. This could save lives in areas… Read More »