When Monocropping takes its toll

There's only one species of banana sold commercially: The big Michel. This is because it's the only banana resistant to a certain plague that killed off all the other commercial species a while ago, and tasted similar enough to the other species that consumers would accept it. And since then, banana researchers have been saying… Read More »

Coming soon: Privacy-enabled open source mobile

The creator of Mandrake Linux is taking a bold step to go up against Google – by building am open-source Android operating system that isn't going to cough up all your data to Google. 'Do no evil.' Or so they once said, at Google. This definitely looks like an effort worth supporting, in these days… Read More »

Security bug: MacOS root access!

In case you missed the news… Originally shared by +Vlad Markov If you have a High Sierra Mac OS, make sure to fix this bug, steps to fix, if you have administrator privileges:macbook:user1$ sudo passwd rootPassword: <your user1 password>Changing password for root.New password: <new password for root>Retype new password: <new password for root> Major macOS… Read More »

Should 'fake news' be a crime?

I stumbled across this article in my inbox this morning and it indirectly raises an interesting question: could / should fake news be a crime? In the wake of the last US presidential election, a substantial sum – about a quarter of a million dollars – was spent on Twitter advertisements by Russian-linked accounts. This… Read More »