New pill delivers insulin orally for diabetes patients

By | February 9, 2019

This new pill may deliver insulin orally for diabetes (Type I) patients in the future, replacing injections. It’s a rather innovative concept – a biodegradable pill that aligns itself correctly and injects a needle made of insulin to deliver the dose in measured form. MIT also has a cool video on their press release explaining how it works:

The only part that isn’t biodegradable is the stainless steel spring. Although it shouldn’t have adverse effects (I mean, lots of other things ‘accidentally’ pass through the digestive system anyway, and lots of people shove stainless steel stuff up their butts anyway, either in form of sex toys or medical equipment to investigate what is going on inside their gut), I’m not sure how happy I’d be with the idea of tiny stainless steel bits floating around in my gut and being thrown down the toilet after. But perhaps someone will find a way to make replace the spring with a biopolymer sometime in the future, and then we’d have a truly disposal-friendly alternative to diabetes injections!

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