GDPR’s twin has now passed through parliament

By | November 13, 2018

The GDPR (infamous for causing all of those privacy policy updates this May) now has it's twin legislation: a regulation on non-personal data. This new piece of legislation basically says that data hoarding isn't okay: if you are in the data business, you have to provide your clients with a reasonable timeframe, data in a usable structured format, and information about switching procedures to allow them to switch over to another data processor.

Of course, this regulation only applies to non-personal data, and the scope of non-personal data is rapidly diminishing as analytics make it possible to identify individuals by combining seemingly innocuous anonymized datasets… which then counts as personal data. So from the pair of regulations, this new regulation seems to be the smaller of the two – though only time will tell how courts decide to interpret the balance on how stringently to apply the stricter label of 'personal data'.

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