Graphene batteries that never die

By | November 29, 2017

Graphene is a cool substance – and this particular discovery makes it even more cool: A sheet of graphene constantly produces energy. See, graphene vibrates at an atomic level. But these vibrations aren't just random: an impulse creates waves in the sheet, which can be measured in terms of how much the carbon atoms vibrate.

That makes plenty of use cases once the technology ripens. Organic batteries that could power medical implants, batteries that don't die, really tiny batteries for chips or tags…

…and all of that without setting off a metal detector. As we move into an age of organic technology, that might be a worrying thought for security professionals.

Oh, and one nasty incorrect statement in the linked article: This discovery doesn't make graphene a source of unlimited free energy production. Rather, it is a conversion of energy input from outside the system (such as temperature difference that starts the ripples) to inside the system (the wave movement of the atoms in the sheet). But for all practical purposes, as long as we're on Earth, these inputs happen often enough to keep new waves going – and so you get what seems to be an unlimited source of energy.

Physicists Just Found a Loophole in Graphene That Could Unlock Clean, Limitless Energy
By all measures, graphene shouldn’t exist. The fact it does comes down to a neat loophole in physics that sees an impossible 2D sheet of atoms act like a solid 3D material.

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    In other news the mysterious deaths of several graphene battery scientists has police baffled. All three were found under a mountain of coal that collapsed on them while they pushed oil barrels that were blocking their cars in the parking lot. Investigations are ongoing but authorities have no leads.


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