3D Zebra Stripes

By | October 1, 2017

Isafjordur, Iceland, has picked an interesting new design for their zebra stripe crossings. By using an optical illusion to make the stripes appear three-dimensional, they've managed to slow down traffic and improve road safety for pedestrians.

Personally, I'm not so sure three-dimensional optical illusions on a road are such a good idea – drivers will eventually get used to ignoring the three-dimensional objects, so when an actual barrier is placed on the road, it might get ignored as well, potentially resulting in a motor accident. But hey, until that happens, it certainly looks cool, and initial improvements to traffic safety are promising!

One thought on “3D Zebra Stripes

  1. mark wollschlager

    I think visual clues like this work best on semi distracted drivers, the real target. The illusion works best from peripheral vision. Drivers paying attention would ( hopefully ) see anyone in the crosswalk.


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