AI answers 'smart' questions with human caliber

By | September 15, 2016

If you still don't believe in what artificial intelligence is capable of, then you should read this article: AI is sufficiently advanced that university students couldn't tell whether their teaching assistant, who answered their questions is real or not.

It's a brilliant use of artificial intelligence to reduce annoying human labor, and won't be the last.

Imagine Discovering That Your Teaching Assistant Really Is a Robot
Students mostly couldn’t tell ‘Jill Watson’ wasn’t human; ‘Yep!’

5 thoughts on “AI answers 'smart' questions with human caliber

  1. David MacKinnon

    +Sophie Wrobel‚Äč I won't be taking orders from a robot. What happens when a student disagrees with the Robo-TA and has proof to backup what he's saying? Will the Robo-TA see that student as an enemy? How will that infringe upon the 1st amendment of free speech?

  2. Lason Strike

    It was a conspiracy, a human – computer collaboration designed specifically to fool the undergraduates. This is usually done by professors and TA's without using intelligence, artificial or not.

    "Indeed, most of the other TAs were equally deadpan, helping to keep up the charade."

    'Ms. Watson had at least one close call, using the word “design” when she should have referenced “project” or “exam.”

    Mr. Polepeddi stepped in quickly to clarify her comments. “I think Jill is using ‘design’ as a catchall statement,” he wrote.'

  3. Sophie Wrobel

    +David MacKinnon In their scheme, not all of the TAs were machine – only one was. And, if it is so successful and the cost of running it doesn't exceed the cost of hiring human TAs, why not? Until AI makes another leap and becomes more intelligent than the human TAs, clearing the menial TA work out of the way isn't necessarily a bad thing, and allows the TAs to focus on more interesting inquiries.


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