Generation C’s demand for privacy: Social media is evolving

By | February 5, 2016

The meaning of privacy is evolving – it seems that the younger generation does value privacy, but not in the same sense that the older generations have.

Privacy, for younger people, is reflected in their demand for technological media that limit the access to information they are sharing to their social circle. Older, digitally-sensitive folk also make conscious decisions to restrict which information is shared to whom. Yet these positions differs in one key area – the amount of trust offered to the technological platform operator. Younger generations tend to assume that underlying platform operator is an honest player: a potential fallacy that older generations take the opposite stance on.

The change in trust between the two generations on that particular factor is a pivotal change in the digital ecosystem. This trust is essential for deriving data-based benefits out of operating such a communications platform. It is what causes intelligence agencies and marketing departments to flock to platform providers, and the core to understanding and providing personalized services. And with the rising generation more willing to offer up that trust than their parents, it looks like market pressures of supply and demand – with this change in trust driving the supply and demand for social media providers offering the sort of walled gardens that Generation C is looking for – is going to fundamentally change the landscape of social media as we know it.

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