Adaptive Capacity

By | January 26, 2016

How ready is your organization for tomorrow?

I think this is a wonderful short video outlining five critical aspects to ensuring an organization's 'fitness for survival' – namely, it's ability to react to changes in the marketplace and overcome difficulties. The five building blocks are:

(1) Structure
(2) Strategy
(3) Talent
(4) Culture
(5) Purpose

Okay, not too surprising so far. But something has changed: all of that has to cross the digital chasm somehow, and still remain interconnected. Which means we need digital platforms that follow a strategy that can:

(1) Analyze and make connections between these diverse, more-or-less intangible and weakly structured fields
(2) Adapt to constant changes during organizational adaptation
(3) Deliver immediate results throughout the constant adaptation.

What's your approach – and what are your most difficult hurdles in crossing that divide?

6 thoughts on “Adaptive Capacity

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Gideon Rosenblatt I think that applying the Lean Startup principles may actually play a key role in the long-term viability of large organizations – simply because the way that information is being captured and processed, and the availability of relevant information, is reshaping the speed, complexity, and interconnectedness of enterprise processes, data, and reactivity. Which is also what caught my attention in the first place – the bigger question of how an existing large enterprise can most effectively cross the digital divide, giving it the agility of a lean startup but maintaining the capacity of the existing enterprise.

  2. Gideon Rosenblatt

    Oops. I don't understand really any Portuguese. And my Spanish is apparently just good enough to confuse it with Portuguese. 😉

    I think it's really interesting thinking about how the same principle as Lean Startup might be applied in existing large organizations. Lots of cultural resistance I would assume.

  3. Sophie Wrobel

    Portugese, not Spanish. And following the intrapreneur approach of tackling large organizations rather than small enterprise, though the same principles are equally valid for startups.


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