The road is clear for large scale DNA reengineering

By | October 21, 2015

This is no mystery machine. It is a damn accurate DNA folding machine, one that means we now have the power to predict how large-scale changes to DNA are going to fold and whether that is compatible with the rest of the chromosome. That in turn means that we can expect a flurry of new research into genetic reengineering to cure certain diseases, as well as to make new monsters.

And I'm sure someone will try to make monsters. Not a Frankenstein or a Hulk, but self-terminating, pesticide-producing foods: companies do already make them and they now have an even more efficient way to do so. I'd just hope that the regulatory committees overseeing and approving these new developments consider the ecological implications of the new introductions.

Welcome to a brave new world.

/via +Hans Youngmann​​

There’s a Mystery Machine That Sculpts the Human Genome – The Atlantic
Geneticists can’t see this machine, but they can see its works—and they say it might be the key to reshaping the genome.

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