Narrative, Game Design, and Social Media

By | January 27, 2015

I was looking at the image on this page and thinking: this reflects a lot of what is going on in the Conversation Community. We have an interesting mix of various narratives, technology, mechanics (determined by the host platform Google+). Building on top of that, we have a set of dynamics created as we interact with the each other and the narrative through the platform, and on top of that the 'take-away' which each individual member of this community receives.

Sure, the analogy doesn't hold for all games, and hanging out here may not necessarily be a game… but it certainly is rewarding, motivating and quite entertaining. At the end of the day: All the world's a stage, and life is just a game!

A Working Theory of Game Design « First Person Scholar
A Working Theory of Game Design

22 thoughts on “Narrative, Game Design, and Social Media

  1. John Kellden

    Such timing, this post. 2015 January 27 was the very first day of the Conversation Community in FB.
    I kinda sorta still miss the Halcyon Days of Google+.
    Now, it might well be time to explore going beyond the Proprietary Platform Programming altogether.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Margaret Siemers The first thing that comes to my mind:
    — "Hop, hop, we like to hop. We like to hop on top of pop."
    — "Mama, why does it say pop?"

    (Context: 5-year-old learning to read with Hop on pop – we use Papa or Papi at home, and the kids so far only know "pop" in context of "explode".)

  3. Margaret Siemers

    +Mike Daniels I have no doubt that you meant it lovingly and with respect. I can see that in you. But gosh, you have no idea what calling a man like John POPS congers up in this older generations mind. : )

  4. Mike Daniels

    +John Kellden Diagramming the village of leadership and rewarding our little hobbits family here on conversation 21c platforms, I think now I can say john kellden is our Papa Smurf, we love u pops, lol

  5. John Kellden

    I'm very glad to hear that +Sophie Wrobel I've noticed that too, a definite increase of both depth and flow this year. Will return to this post several times, narrative is important this year for a lot of reasons…

  6. Sophie Wrobel

    +John Kellden Take your time – this community has come a long way thanks to your leadership, and its dynamic and synergy is starting to multiply of late – the way a good community should be! I'll bet that in one year we will see a lot of positive changes in the dynamics here. 😉

  7. Sophie Wrobel

    +Margaret Siemers Let's make sure to plan a meet-up in our next lives. Together with all the 10th generation family, and +Aaron Segal can map out all the movements!

    I find social structure movements fascinating to observe – and extra life adds more observation time!

  8. Margaret Siemers

    +Sophie Wrobel That analogy is worth two power-up's and an extra life. Literally! We know we are healthier, heal faster etc. when we are happy. If we live happy we also can live longer, living to see the third or forth generation in a family is…extra life. ; )


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