Personalized, informed dieting recommendations made simple!

By | November 17, 2014

Concerned about your weight? Well, it should be more than just weight. It should be about maintaining a healthy body. And that means putting all of the puzzle pieces together: nutrition, weight, body fat, body muscle mass, bone mass, vitamin and mineral deficiencies…

Most DIY-estimates of these factors are very approximate – you can estimate body fat, body muscle mass, but these measurements are tedious and are often tracked together with weight loss apps as opposed to combined with nutritional recommendations. But from what I hear, it looks like this company has made accurate measurements easy with their multi-frequency bio-electric impedance analysis device – complete with bluetooth integration between their measuring device and your user profile – and that means my dream application might actually become real: I want a holistic app that covers nutritional recommendations, monitoring of dietary intakes, weight, body fat, muscle mass, in order to reach my fitness goals, and on top of that is not very cumbersome to use. I'll be looking for some screenshots or integration about this device to see if it does meet up to that expectation – it would certainly be a welcome switch from the three different apps I currently switch between and scratch my head about.

And even better, I'll bet service is going to be excellent – their new community manager is an active and lovely G+ resident,+Laura Manach! Their Google+ Page is soon, I hear…. 😉

Original post with more details on what this little device does:

Mybiody Balance – Site Officiel
MYBIODY BALANCE est le premier appareil de checkup portable et connecté destiné au grand public. Mybiody Balance analyse l’équilibre de votre corps.

26 thoughts on “Personalized, informed dieting recommendations made simple!

  1. Randy Resnick

    The site says "livraison à partir du 9 décembre" (I saw this looking at it more.) I'll keep looking, it's an intriguing product.

  2. Randy Resnick

    +Laura Manach I should be ashamed making you do this on the weekend, but I'm also curious about how the data looks. Doing Google searches brings up a lot of sites that published what was probably a PR on it and they all have that line about the monthly charge. I'm glad that's not happening anymore, although it may be great for some people. When are these shipping? Now?

  3. Wyn Williams

    +Sophie Wrobel I'm an Android user as well, that said you will find our site the most responsive around, it is a very good example of how to get it right, really proud of our front end peeps on that

  4. Wyn Williams

    +Sophie Wrobel high penetration amongst our invitation target adopters in the US 😉 but mainly the standardised hardware and technology make it the best platform to use for the first app release

  5. Wyn Williams

    +Sophie Wrobel​ ios app mid next month android app January/February – our app is a reflection of our Web app and pretty cool 🙂 the first release supporting sync, nutrition, exercises, sleep, shopping lists, and a step counter (all available offline ans syncing with our online app when online) but more being added month by month. Android is being developed second so we can get feedback first instead of having to make two sets of changes

  6. Visnja Zeljeznjak

    +Sophie Wrobel no Android app at the moment, but it's coming AFAIK.

    It supports a number of devices at this moment, including Jawbone, Fitbit, and more and more coming soon. I believe good apps of the future will all connect with all popular apps.

  7. Sophie Wrobel

    +Visnja Zeljeznjak​ thanks for the tip on enquos! Couldn't find their app – is there really no android app out there? Maybe +Wyn Williams​ knows?

    There are a few things about +MyBiody Balance​ that caught my attention:
    1) It's not a wearable device, it's an electronic measurement device integrated with a sleek interface. That means no extra weight when I'm exercising.
    2) They use electrical fat measurements, meaning you have incredibly accurate body composition results as opposed to using body part circumfrence measurements.
    3) What differentiates it from other electrical measurement devices – that it's integrated with your profile, analytics, and so on. So you can avoid having to type the measured data yourself (though it can't measure everything – while the device can tell if you had your daily share of magnesium, it can't tell what exactly you ate.) The only question is if the stuff they do track is the stuff you're interested in.

  8. Visnja Zeljeznjak

    Thanks for the heads up, +Sophie Wrobel. So, this is a device that does all the tracking? Interesting.

    In the past two months, I've been using an app +enquos (recently out of beta, my G+ friend +Wyn Williams is the COO there). The app is one dashboard for fitness, nutrition, wellness and weight loss data. You enter data via apps and devices, or manually. Right now I have no fitness hardware so I'm entering everything manually, but this exercise in manual data entry has made me super-aware of what I eat, how I exercise, and just how many situps I have to do to make up for a snack I just ate 🙂 I am so happy with the app. Maybe in the future the app and this device could talk to each other.


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