Look: an anti-alzheimer and learning enhancer drug in one!

By | November 10, 2014

Okay, it's not yet for humans, but this drug does have potential – if scientists can figure out which of the five human variants of their proposed drug have the desired effect on humans, they may have a sci-fi dream drug in their hands.

This drug allows the brain to rapidly grow new neural connections, giving the patient the power to learn quickly, the way children do. Want to learn a new language overnight? Become an engineering genius? This drug may be one key to those dreams. Simultaneously, enabling new connections blocks the onset of alzheimers, which is caused by this same pathway being blocked by a 'no-grow' protein.

Of course, fast learning isn't without its downsides: it means less sability in your thought pathways. The kind of stability that prevents you from forgetting to look for cars before crossing the road. Then again, not everything can be perfect!

/via +Wayne Radinsky

Drug Unlocks Malleable, Fast-Learning, Child-LIke State In Adult Brain – Neomatica
Professor Carla Shatz of Stanford University and her colleagues have discovered a way to revert an adult brain to the “plastic”, child-like state that is more able to form new connections quickly. The technical term “plastic” implies the ability to adapt or shape itself to new conditions. The striking results were revealed through experiments on …

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