Robotic waiters: no longer a sci-fi dream

By | August 18, 2014

Although you can't tell these waiters stories, you can expect them to bring you yqur order with speed and accuracy. Robots have been capable of doing many interactive tasks for quite a while now, so it's nice to see them finally take a step in finding applications, and not just a sci-fi dream.

This is the beginning of a new era, in which numerous mundane jobs will be replaced, and we need to earnestly start thinking about how to design our society to give humans a value contribution to society too – and a support and economic system that works together with very different sector distribution. We need to be able to manage digital expectations too as individuals, in order to survive in our changing society.

Think about that when you order your burger from a robot, or when a drone delivers your post, or when your car drives you to work. Once legislators step out of the way, it's doing to be a very interestind and radically different world.

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Robots serve customers in China restaurant
Most of the time, whenever we head to a restaurant and pay top dollar for the kind of food and drinks that we get, we would also be on the lookout for service that is on part with the price forked out. However, not all servers are always on the top of their game, since they might have domestic issues that is on their minds all the time, leading them…

3 thoughts on “Robotic waiters: no longer a sci-fi dream

  1. Dieter Mueller

    We already had something as "convenient" as Mr Robo Waiter in the 1950's:

    Eating always was and always should be an social Affair. Otherwise we just should stay home and Microwave some rotten Industrial Garbage for Consumption.

    The more we obsess about Profits and let Machines take over for Efficiency the more we lose fundamental Parts of the Human Experience. Thanks to TV and now Gadgets like Tablets and Smartphones most Families hardly have a normal Dinner Conversation or literally see each other despite sitting at the same Table because they are glued to their Screens.

    This is simply stupid and takes away important Aspects of social / family Life.


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