Changing prices multiple times a day in a walk-in store?

By | June 24, 2014
Media Markt – a huge electronics chain in Germany – is going to change their prices multiple times per day to reflect market demand. This will get interesting – especially when they have paper advertisments running at the same time.

It's not as if the electronics branch is the first to adopt this model: we all know how gasoline stations adjust their prices on a regular basis. The only difference is that consumers won't have billboards outside of electronics outlets with the prices of all their products; they'll have to resort to mobile apps instead to stay on top of the pricewatch. 

Anyone in the Netherlands seen this? How does their trial work for you?

Media-Markt will mehrmals täglich die Preise ändern
Der Elektrohändler will künftig stärker auf Angebot und Nachfrage reagieren und seine Preise mehrmals täglich daran anpassen. Ob es günstiger für die Kunden wird, steht nicht fest.

3 thoughts on “Changing prices multiple times a day in a walk-in store?

  1. Boris Borcic

    Media-Markt is already infamous for price variations from one store to the next – depending apparently on local competition. At least here in Switzerland.

  2. Levi Pinder

    In the UK we used to have a TV shopping network called Price-Drop. Their premise was simple – the items featured would lower in price every minute or so until they sold out. They tried to transfer this to retail stores where their stock would lower in price every day for 7 days. I kind of like the idea – everyone ends up paying what they think is fair, and risks missing out if they try to hold out for a lower price. Putting the 7 day limit on it also meant customers knew when something was at its lowest price, and the store could take the item off the shelves if it still wasn't selling.

    It's biggest flaw was that just like TV shopping networks, you had no idea what would be in stock and could only count on it being of questionable quality! They never opened many of these stores and are no longer in business.


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