Next generation hardware: PCM is 12-275 times faster than Flash

By | May 7, 2014

With all the heavy demands on big data analysis in real time, we need all the speed that hardware can get. And with Theseus, the codename for a new PCM technology clocking in between 12x and 275x faster than conventional flash technology on a standard PCI card, it looks like we may be looking at the next generation of computer hardware here.

Even if it doesn't make its way to consumer devices right away, I'd expect that we consumers see its benefits indirectly in faster cloud services and deeper data processing when this new technology reaches market.

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What is Project Theseus?

A team of Greek IBM scientists in Zurich have created a groundbreaking new memory technology, which combines flash with phase change memory (PCM) on a PCI-e card.

Initial tests have clocked 12x and 275x improvements. IBM scientist Ioannis Kolsidas explained, “The technologies are complementary, which is why the Theseus project is so important. We took two very different memory technologies and made them work on an existing PCI-e bus, which can be found on any PC or laptop today, taking it a step closer from demo to deployment."

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One thought on “Next generation hardware: PCM is 12-275 times faster than Flash

  1. Phil Haigh

    Ooh look, old memory board. I had a board of core store and made the mistake for throwing it away. Good old ferrite memory. You could practically count the number of bits stored with the naked eye…


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