Deleted transaction comes back to life

By | May 2, 2014
Start: synchronized lists across two devices.
I have disabled automatic sync and it only syncs when I press the sync button.
I copied a transaction from one list to another. Then I deleted it from the original list.
Now I ran sync.
I ran sync on the other device.
I added some additional transactions on the other device and synced.
I opened the first device and noticed the 'deleted' transaction had appeared again. 🙁

Can I delete it for good, do you think?

2 thoughts on “Deleted transaction comes back to life

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    ok! it may have been the scenario, not sure because one device was a tablet and i closed it shortly afteve pvressing sync. that automatically ends the internet connection.

  2. Ricardo Soto García

    Hello Sophie 🙂 we have been testing what you say and we don't get the same result. In our devices it works. I write you by mail, to ask you some questions ok?


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