Wearable computing will make your smartphone look outdated

By | April 8, 2014

Imagine a wearable chip embedded in an armband, which can do everything your smartphone can do with the same speed, but with a battery life of one month between recharges and is much smaller and flexibler. Does that sound impossible? Ineda claims otherwise, and their newly unveiled chips look pretty nice.

This technology has a lot of potential applications, in anything from home patient care for elderly to digitalizing your home to replacing your smartphone. While the chip is just the beginning – actual devices and uses will still need to be developed incorporating it – it is certainly a very, very promising technology and an exciting development!

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Is this Indian company the Intel of the wearable era?

An Indian startup called Ineda Systems has developed a chip for wearable computers that can run for 30 days without recharging. The company emerged from stealth mode today. And they’ve got some big backers, including Samsung and Qualcomm. 

Join me, plus co-anchor +Jason Howell and guest co-anchor +Natali Morris as we discuss the news of the day, plus interview +Steve Gibson (Gibson Research Corporation) and +Don Clark (The Wall Street Journal). 

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