Evolving platforms are the ubiquitous future of computing

By | March 15, 2014
The future of computing lies in platforms being able to constantly evolve – that is the current boom in todays industry, and a transformation that reaches far beyond the software industry. It is merely the technological support for information analysis and processing, and has potential to grow to adapt to increasingly complex models and changing standards as well as new sorts of input data sources – and perhaps one day also our minds. This complex information network can only be competitively sustained by adaptable service platforms, which is the reason for their strategic significance today and also in the future.

/via +Gregory Esau 

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3 thoughts on “Evolving platforms are the ubiquitous future of computing

  1. Juliusz Switlik

    Nice model but still brutal force beats the power of creativity which needs peace (apart from war creativity ).Tyrany is not only in history books and so what that it will crumble in time but it's our time. Great link anyway.


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