0 thoughts on “The tip of the iceberg: Metadata is transforming the digital world

  1. Juliusz Switlik

    +Sophie Wrobel I think analyzing metadata is great,but if personalized data gets in hands of let's say mafia than you are in big trouble. Technology is a great thing but human being is always the weakest link.

  2. Christopher Smith

    +David Andrews The data has pretty much always been there, although Moore's Law has made the cost of deploying sensors so much cheaper each year, so I guess that bit has been growing (but really not that much).

    Really all that has changed is that as per Moore's Law, the cost of storing & analyzing the data has been diminishing as an inverse exponential. So, what has been cost-effective to actually do has changed.

  3. Sophie Wrobel

    +Juliusz Switlik Most certainly, there are potential dangers, and these are what +David Oliver suggests by maturity. It has always been a game of give and take: everybody wants the benefits of metadata; I've already given a few examples of how metadata is used today. I do think that this field will continue to grow and we will see many wonderful benefits as a result. But people also expect that their privacies are respected, and updating policies and designs that incorporate this expectation is what we need to reach a more mature world where metadata can be effectively used and accepted.

    Security actually is the smallest concern, in my opinion – of course security is important, and there are still many open research questions in the area of security in the online environment and in particular with the vast arrays of devices that are currently deployed, but the parameters under which security must be guaranteed are relatively well-defined when compared to the discussions and circumstances around when privacy should be guaranteed. Or did you mean something else from a security point of view?

  4. David Oliver

    Thank you for a sober assessment of the the great promise that meta. Data holds for a better future. So much of what is wonderful and positive in the discovery and implementation of this technology has been been drowned out by the hysteria of privacy concerns. As we mature in our understanding so to will our attitudes.

    Sincerely David


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