Smart contact lenses

By | January 18, 2014
What do you think contact lenses are for? Improving eyesight? Think again. They could do a lot more. These prototypical lenses from Google monitor glucose levels every second and transmit them to a nearby device via a tiny integrated wireless chip. Other prototypical contact lenses from other research institutes have demonstrated tiny embedded displays, for example flashing a letter or character over the user's typical vision. The future of contact lenses is, to say the least, highly integrated.

There are of course challenges with this sort of device. Where does it get its power from? Does the power source, or the wireless signal, have an impact on the wearer's health? And of course, is the claimed functionality valuable enough to provide the user with something valuable? How much will these lenses end up costing, and can the production price be driven down low enough to make the lenses worthwhile?

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Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens Project to Monitor Glucose – Bloomberg
Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens Project to Monitor Glucose

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