Part 6: Reaching Human Sentience

By | December 12, 2013
Each person has a single mind. But together, we have a multitude of minds – each with their own sense of existance, and each with their own level of maturity. They are also interconnected: they exchange experiences with each other as they interact through communications on a variety of levels.
The most organic form of communication is intuition. Intuition is genetically programmed into the human through the course of time, and has evolved with the years to sharpen specific factors. For example, when your bladder is full, you open your flood gates – even babies figure out how to do that, without needing to test various methods on how to do so.
Knowledge, on the other hand, is generated from processed experiences. Returning to our example child, as it starts to grow older it starts to experiment with possible locations to open its floodgates, and discovers that certain locations (such as the toilet) are greeted with positive reactions, and other locations (such as the carpet) are greeted with negative reactions. The collection of reactions and experiences becomes knowledge: at some point, the child learns and accepts that the only acceptable place to pee is on the toilet (or in the bush).
But knowledge has a further dimension. It can be exchanged with other minds. It can be exchanged by written words. It can be exchanged through expressed emotions. It can be exchanged by mutual understanding through angels, gods, spirits, the force, or any other supernatural medium. Each form of communication allows knowledge transmission between minds to increase the communal intelligence of the human species – and perhaps even beyond the human species. All of these forms of communication capture thoughts and feelings from a specific time and mind into a medium, and are then reprocessed in another time and mind to be absorbed into another person’s experience.
Knowledge transfer
So we have two transfers between minds: the transfer of knowledge from mind to communication medium, and then from communication medium to mind. One transfer goes directly to the body, avoiding the other layers: the transfer into the human genome as a result of evolutionary processes. The other transfers goes through each of the other layers of the mind before reaching the communication medium, and must on the receiving end also go through all the layers of the mind before being absorbed into knowledge.
But perhaps one of the most interesting results of this level of awareness is that the awareness is no longer limited to a single organism or even a single consciousness. It is a pan-entity awareness that evolves. And as a common undercurrent, it allows us to become aware of what other minds may percieve. This separation of body and mind is what allows the sentient mind to experience inner peace, understanding and appreciation for the universe and natural order of things.
Thus we come back to happiness: while happiness itself is only an emotion, inner peace is a quest that takes a lifetime – and the beauty and appreciation comes from the quest itself. A lifetime of challenge, a lifetime of appreciation, and this appreciation matures the mind to change the mind from a young mind which takes from the community, not being aware of its consciousness to a mature one that gives to the community, aware of its sentience without the body enhulling it.

Find a place where you feel at ease. Sit down, and feel the energy flowing through every cell in your body. Is everything positive, or is does some area ‘feel’ still, negative, or not very alive? If so, then stop, and ask your consciousness / dreamer why that is so. Don’t proceed with the rest of this exercise until you have resolved it.
Next move your awareness into the consciousness. Look around. Are there any negative or immoral thoughts? If so, explore their origin – and don’t proceed with the rest of this excercise until you have resolved it.
Repeat this step in the dreamer: do you have any still or negative emotions, or any qualms or doubts? If so, address these issues first – and don’t proceed with this exercise until you have resolved it.
Perhaps you are thinking: “I’ll never get this far!” Just try – the journey is itself very fulfilling and will transform your life. But if you haven’t mastered the lower ranks of the ladder into your mind, they will block you from climbing higher: you can’t climb a ladder with a missing step.
Finally, you are ready to move the awareness out of its bodily attachment and into your essence. Try to explore ‘the force’ – forgive the reference to Star Wars, but that Force is a quite good analogy of what to look for: the force that binds the universe. Use your awareness to explore it, its experiences, and its connection to everything in the universe. Under no circumstance retreat into your own emotions and thoughts.

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