Drones to deliver your future parcels

By | December 2, 2013
Can you imagine your parcels arriving by… drone? Amazon's working on that now. They need regulatory clearance of course, but this looks like a very promising and scalable delivery method that people – especially people who don't sit around at home all day waiting for parcels to arrive – could find valuable, if parcels can arrive at a specified time and a even further reduced shipping time than express courier currently offers!

Online-Handel: Amazon will Pakete mit Drohnen ausliefern
02.12.2013 ·  In einigen Jahren könnte Amazon eine eigene Luftflotte besitzen. Der Internet-Händler plant, Post mit Drohnen zuzustellen.

7 thoughts on “Drones to deliver your future parcels

  1. Ninja On Rye

    They're still working on it +Sophie Wrobel :
    "CASA confirmed it had been corresponding with Zookal but an application had not yet been lodged."
    "From March next year and pending regulatory approval, students will be able to order books from Zookal via an Android smartphone app and have one of six Flirtey drones deliver them to their door in Sydney. As the drone arrives, students will be able to track it in real-time on a Google map."
    "Zookal's founder Ahmed Haider is confident. Australian regulators entered the Drone Age in 2002, when Australia became the first country to introduce legislation covering unmanned aerial vehicles, leading the world in creating rules governing civilian use of the technology."


  2. Randall Lee Reetz

    More evidence that evil = crazy. The self-limititing law of crazy. Jef Bezos is nuts. Plain and simple. Don't give the keys of the future to people with ADD and ASD.

  3. T. Pascal

    I don't believe it will happen. It must be a marketing ploy during the holiday season. That's my grumpy take, anyway.

  4. Ninja On Rye

    I was reading of a small company looking at doing that for textbooks in Oz starting next year.

    Obviously this has a lot of legal challenges.


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