The Debt Death Spiral: Do you know where we stand?

By | November 28, 2013
Debt is becoming a rather critical problem in our world today. And it isn't just a problem for the 'old' world. The 'new' world is having troubles too… and we are getting closer to a turning point, as the debt-based economy needs to crunch soon. the question is only: when?

China's cash reserves have grown considerably. It's probably the only country with sizable reserves. And it's financed by household debt. this is slightly different from other economies, where both nation and populace are indebted – but nonetheless a concern. Further, the Chinese government is in practice not as democratic as it would like to have its reputation stand. This is a tight control of power… and one on which the world hangs. 

The implication is that when a reversal comes, it will hit not just one regional economy, but the global economy. And a reversal  is a time of hardship as the economy realigns and resets itself. We've never had a simultaneous world economic reset – but it surely won't be easy. It'll be interesting to watch how things play out. I don't agree that a reset will come in 2014 – in particularly considering the source of this post – but it's certainly a daunting thought that a global reset is due, sometime sooner rather than later.

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