Magnetic switches: computing for tomorrow

By | November 23, 2013
This looks like something exciting – not just because of the wonders that low-power magnetic computing could do to extend battery life of consumer devices, but because this is something possible in theory, that is now also possible in practice.

Sure, it's not a new field of computation – unlike quantum computing, which differs considerably from conventional computing – but it's potentially a major leap in energy efficiency for conventional computing.

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Magnetic switches could use 10,000 times less power than silicon transistors | ExtremeTech
New research from UC Berkeley provides a proof of concept for a magnetic switch that could make computers thousands of times more energy-efficient, and provide some amazing new abilities, too.

4 thoughts on “Magnetic switches: computing for tomorrow

  1. Magnus Lewan

    And I'm out of touch again. I thought magnetic switches was what computers in general used in the sixties and seventies, fifty years ago.


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