New Gmail inbox!

By | May 31, 2013
I've just been playing around with the new Gmail inbox. It's nicely laid out, and the auto-sort is quite efficient. Kudos to +Gmail on that!

I haven't figured out yet how to add a new category, but for dealing with the misclassified items: there's a filter rule that you can set under Settings >> Filter >> "Categorize as: __" which will help to get that sorted out. Too bad the categorization doesn't work backwards for all previously auto-missorted mails!

via +Pratik Mukherjee

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Want the new Gmail and not sure how to get it?

Open up your normal Gmail click on the cog in the top right corner, select configure inbox and boom! 

Thanks to +Stefan Svartling for the video :)

14 thoughts on “New Gmail inbox!

  1. Ananda Sim

    Google have proven that they have staff with brains that are clever programmers, skill etc… but they have not proven that they understand Use Cases or any methodology of planning / design.

    They seem to confuse User Interface elements (UI) with artificial intelligence breakthroughs (i.e. ability of the server to recognise and categorise items) with specific Use Cases of the end users.

    Sure, we want a nice UI – i.e. tabs at the top. and sure we are admiring their machine intelligence of being able to recognise email items and categorise them, but my Use Case may not / will not be the same as everyone's Use Case. And it seems responses here look like you are also not "everyone" because there is no "everyone" use case – there are only explicit Use Cases.

    In my case I appreciate Tabs On the Top and I appreciate their machine can categories items, but what I want in the Tabs is four of my own chosen Labels.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Parker Boyce in my opinion, the one useful function (as opposed to filters) is that the tabs are on TOP of the screen, instead of constantly hiding under the 'more' button on the side. But I agree in terms of functionality, it isn't anything more than predefined filters.

  3. Parker Boyce

    This doesn't add any functionality to Gmail in my opinion, filters are far more powerful at this point, and useful since you'll have an overview of all your messages in the inbox which you can drill down using a filter.

  4. Ishmael Ahmed

    It could be useful, It actually helped me find a missing message.
    For the time being I think I'll still use my favorite keyboard shortcuts ga and  /l:^u 

  5. Sophie Wrobel

    +Lincoln De Kalb you don't have to use the tabs. You could just select one tab, the 'everything' tab… and then you're back to the good old setup. 

    Since renaming doesn't seem to be allowed, the next best alternative seems to be to sort the tabs by some alternate scheme. Basically what we've been doing all along with labels, only instead of the UI navigation to labels being on the side, you have a few at the top instead.

    To be honest, I think picking 'favorite labels to display on the tab list at the top' would have been more convenient and flexible.

  6. Ananda Sim

    I'm trying to be positive – the tabs concept is way cool but it does not work with user created labels which is how I have been doing the Tom Peters 7 Habits kind of workflow. The tabs use Categories which are a machine mechanism and I can't replace the Categories with user created labels. Trying various ideas.


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