Privacy promises, not followed through

By | April 8, 2013
Sigh… +LinkedIn is still giving away my email address to contacts I haven't authorized to see it. I thought it was just first degree contacts who'd get my professional address, but apparantly not… even second degree contacts could get my LinkedIn Notification address. In case you haven't gotten the hint: just another reason never to sign up with a valuable email address anywhere, unless it's a public address you want to be contacted at, no matter how much large corporations beg for it.

How it works:
1) Have a mutual contact
2) Have email notifications turned on
3) Have that mutual contact send an InMail to you and a bunch of other people you don't know and are not connected to.
4) Tada! Now every one of them has your email address on the "cc" line… and you have all of their email addresses.

17 thoughts on “Privacy promises, not followed through

  1. Norman Robinson

    Good peoples, I thought you might be interested in where I'm experimenting with the new service at and find the visual part interesting, as I think with some "abilities" instead of skillset tweaking, it could better tell the professional story of "me". Oh – they seem to pull from LinkedIn so if you are there already, this could make it easier to setup graphics elsewhere on your own blog, etc. Cheers!

  2. Minal C.

    Yaay, convinced by the posts-I just closed my LinkedIn profile. Am not sure how successful LinkedIn is for a getting a good job. So, going to stick to conventional way (resume, cover-letter , and hopes in getting somehow noticed over G+ by a prospective company). student, looking for internship

  3. Juaquin Anderson

    I was upset with one employer that insisted that i put their company name on my LinkedIn.. .because they want it to show up in searches.. I didn't want to ipdate my linkedin because i only used it to syay in touch with a select few people. Also the employer was making a difficult situation for me, and i couldnt continue working under that circumstance.

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    I find it's a good tool to weed out the headhunters. If they're smart, they'll see my profile and contact me somewhere else. If they're sending mass mailings, they'll come through LinkedIn and ignore any (fairly obvious) hints saying 'contact me somewhere else'.

    That said, the biggest benefit is the occasional link to group postings that come my way with a flag as particularly relevant for some topic I am working on, and as with all walled garden platform providers, I can only get access to group posts if I'm a member of the group.

  5. Tony Lawrence

    Well, I think in this case it was more that they thought I was a nutter for eschewing LinkedIn.. but I have had that look over G+ also.

  6. Tony Lawrence

    I also deleted my account some time ago after their password debacle.  

    I recently had someone suggest a group discussion there.  I tried to explain to them why G+ would be a far better choice, but I got "that look" so just left it that I wouldn't be participating.

  7. Norman Robinson

    I deleted my account there after realizing that the people that really knew me, well, knew me, and all it is an attempt at making a recruiter's life easier. The social networking part doesn't appeal to me there versus on some other open public forum with group permissions.

  8. Minal C.

    I dont know where, but i was just saying in addition to the email address publicity -that our whole profile is public (i wasnt aware of that until recently and was disappointed)

  9. Sophie Wrobel

    +Minal C. Where do you find the email address publically? I was under the impression that the email address was the one thing LinkedIn wouldn't make public (only your contacts), because otherwise everyone would just email intended persons directly instead of purchasing a premium plan.

  10. Minal C.

    I also don't like the fact that it's public, mind you I just discovered that recently since I hardly ever used LinkedIn in a productive way, I think it also aids in discrimination. Judging the person from the picture that is mandatory to provide in order to attract the employer… Bla bla.


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