Quantum cryptography coming your way!

By | April 3, 2013
One step closer to ubiquitous quantum encryption

Researchers have demonstrated that you can receive (and decode) photons containing quantum information on a moving plane – the next step towards making quantum cryptography generally accessible.

Since the Chinese and Austrian teleportation demonstrations, we know we can teleport around the distance required to reach a satellite. Once photons are in orbit, teleporting between satellites is relatively easy – there's no atmosphere to interfere with transmission, and thus no data loss.

The latest research provides proof that we don't need to know the orientation when receiving the photon – it's polarization is sufficient to restore the Information on the receiving end. So putting the pieces together:we can teleport information to a satellite, receive it, and now need the step of actually trying with a real satellite… and then, we have a technological foundation for making quantum encryption ubiquitous.

Why quantum encryption?
Let's put it this way: cracking your classical encryption key is trivial for a quantum computer. If you want your information to stay secure, even from government agencies theives with lots of money for quantum technology, a standard ssl connection isn't enough: you need to join the quantum encryption bandwagon. It's bound to be the next generation of online banking.

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Quantum encryption keys obtained from a moving plane
A technical demonstration shows that an exchange with satellites is possible.

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