The gate to hell

By | March 30, 2013
Very interesting look into the hiatorical appreciation of the God of the underworld. Contemporary religion is far too positive – don't expect many Satan worshippers in mainstream religions – but it wasn't always the case: Pluto too enjoyed his share of devotion, together with all the other Greco-Roman gods. And the rituals are equally elaborate and with their own sense of "arcane mystery" (a.k.a. learning how to hold your breath).

For whatever reason, my first thought on seeing the picture of the cave: time to build a (Terran, Starcraft) methane collection plant.

/via +Scott Leighton 

Pluto’s Gate Uncovered in Turkey : DNews
The ancient Plutonium, a poisonous cave found in Turkey, was believed in Greco-Roman mythology to be the portal to hell.

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