The long anticipated farewell to Google Reader

By | March 14, 2013
I've been expecting this for a while: reader makes very little sense in Google's revenue plan. Google's revenue lies in it's monopoly over the 'filter bubble effect' – Google alone decides what content users get to see and what not, through top-secret algorithms that undoubtedly involve a payment factor somewhere from content promoters. Added to that, things started looking fishy a year or two when reader development slowed down, 'features' started pushing google+, and everything competing to google+ in some way started vanishing.

But it does leave a large market gap open for someone to fill. I've moved my RSS feeds to an offline aggregator for some time now, but I'd still love to have a cloud-based reader replacement if I can find one with a decent, compact and convenient UI, and preferably also the ability to follow and discover other user's recommendations. Suggestions?

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19 thoughts on “The long anticipated farewell to Google Reader

  1. Bill Abrams

    Ahh. Underneath "sign in." Kind of makes sense, but I was looking for "sign up" which was pretty easy to do at every other reader page that I've tried.

  2. Bill Abrams

    Been there, done that. Unsuccessfully. Can you point to anywhere on their site that they indicate how one goes about signing up for basic?

  3. Dieter Mueller

    Once again Google doesn't get Social …

    Once Reader was even considered to be the Basis for Google Social Networking, before they decided to clone Diaspora.

    My Guess would be we get a Feed Icon in G+ and all the Stuff is dumped into our main Stream …

  4. Bill Abrams

    Even though I have spent more and more time with this app recently, I am not enamored and think that there must be a better alternative. I am curious to see what recommendations you get here.

  5. Jordi Posthumus

    I really feel this violates their core mission statement:

    Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

    The mission makes commercial sense in the long run and is noble too.  I'm sad (as a user and shareholder) that they are losing sight of this over weak short-term thinking.

  6. Jordi Posthumus

    That is a very good point.  This is a most un "Don't Be Evil" move I've seen from Google since they shoehorned Picasa web users into Google + despite it being an inferior product.

  7. Sophie Wrobel

    +Jordi Posthumus ever wonder what decides what relevant content for you is in currents, or google+? It probably will involve view placement fees in the future, the way search results do today. But that only works if google cuts off the user's ability to get a non-filtered view… and probably has more profit potential for Google than user micropayments do.


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