Need a new app to tell me if something is recalled

By | February 18, 2013

Hm… I need an app to match this digest to things I purchase. I can't be bothered to read the weekly list, but some of these entries that aren't in the usual suspect list of things-kids-could-choke-on look quite serious:

 – 2 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack: The jack can collapse during use.
 – Eternal Ink Nuclear Green: The product poses a chemical risk because it contains the aromatic amine o-Toluidine (120mg/kg) which is carcinogenic.
 – YAMAHA NS50 AEROX Motorcycle: The carburettor cap guide tube containing the carburettor control cable may break during normal use. Its breakage will not affect the operation of the accelerator directly, but it may allow water or powder to enter the carburettor control cable. In the worst case, extremely low temperatures may cause the cable to stick as a result of the formation of ice which could lead to an accident.

Most of the infringing products originate from China (is that a surprise?), but the latest report contains two products of United States origin, as well as one of French, German, Dutch and Turkish origin respectively.

Reshared post from +European Union

RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system that facilitates the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission on measures taken to prevent or restrict the marketing or use of products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical devices, which are covered by other mechanisms.

Since 1 January 2010, as regards goods subject to EU harmonisation regulation, the system also facilitates the rapid exchange of information on products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of professional users and on those posing a serious risk to other public interests protected via the relevant EU legislation (e.g. environment and security). Both measures ordered by national authorities and measures taken voluntarily by producers and distributors are reported by RAPEX.

3 thoughts on “Need a new app to tell me if something is recalled

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Gurudatta Raut there are plenty of folk who know what I buy: any customer loyalty program would do. But I think none want the costs associated with the extra overhead of handling product recalls, if they tell their customers that they are eligible for a replacement product as a result of the recall.


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