Bring on the Apocalypse

By | February 1, 2013
Awesome Video, in particular the typical humor used to address the core issue of environmental destruction! Just to add to the description provided: Athabasca oil sands opened up to commercialization because the price of oil rose above the cost of oil recovery from the sands. Without that economic 'assistance', the sands wouldn't be as lucrative as they are today. The effort to recover oil is also ernormous – Google around, you'll see.

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8 thoughts on “Bring on the Apocalypse

  1. barqzr davi

    no excuse , i live off grid in one helluva inhospitable environment , my footprint is near zero , you want change , make it!

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +barqzr davi I do agree. Who creates the demand that makes it so lucrative is the question that no one dares to answer… because so much hangs on the answer!

    For the upper class, this is profit viability, comfort, luxury, and artificially created demand. For the middle class, comfort at an affordable cost (e.g. driving instead of biking, three shirts imported from Bangladesh for the price of one from the tailor down the road). For the lower class, survival (e.g. subsidized industrialized food production prices make supporting local production not an option, because the few cents makes the difference of whether the household books are balanced or not). Now, which of those folk can you convince to change their habits, and thus trigger the changes across the whole supply and production chain? What would motivate them to do so?

  3. barqzr davi

     who creates the demand that makes it so lucrative? is the question that must be answered ! and your answer is that of an idiot +Gurudatta Raut
    Sophie i can see that you are well versed in the politics of your argument , however it is based on data at best prejudiced , and worst fictitious , all oil is dirty , ours no more so , until you can convince consumers  in urban lala land that there are sustainable alternatives  or prove you can live without it, criticism is Hypocrisy , 🙂 just sayin! 

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    +barqzr davi _Reclamation as the goal_ isn't the problem that the online discussions from non-Albertans highlight. Rather, the entanglement of policy, mismanagement, and resulting decisions offsetting reclamation efforts as far as possible, disregarding wildlife impact during oil recovery phases, or delaying reclamation efforts begin to a point at which reclamation within the policied / agreed term is no longer possible – all in favor of slightly more short-term profits, by certain companies operating in the region, is what is rather appaling about the oil sand issue.

  5. barqzr davi

    uh huh.. .. ever been there?  i work up there a lot in reclamation , and have for the past 40 yrs , who creates the demand that makes it so lucrative? i live off grid, but i guess that internet is more reliable than firsthand experience and truth not spun by some "green" master of deception ,

  6. Christine Paluch

    The oil sands issue is huge. There is a reason why many call it "game over for climate change". It is not only dirty from an atmospheric perspective, but also a water resources perspective. This is far more damaging than conventional oil drilling. It is essentially a form of massive strip mining.

    Rap news is usually pretty poignant beneath the humor, this one is more so than usual though. 


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