Is this your world?

By | January 28, 2013

I think this is a fairly accurate diagram: your world, as far as Google can tell. But it isn't just my world. My world, as far as any other corporation can tell, is another bubble, almost identical except for the names of the tools used, with my context – or rather the 'me' I choose to share with that company – in the middle. Put all of those bubbles together – each bubble could be connected to other bubbles by means of APIs – and you have a free information flow, a complete picture of the digital you, filtered 'only' by the two inner rings in each bubble.

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Updated 'Your Google World' architecture diagram. I've called it Winter 2013 as it defiantly doesn't feel like spring yet. This was jointly developed with +Thomas Power . +Denis Labelle do please share this updated version.

7 thoughts on “Is this your world?

  1. Lionel Dricot

    That's very interesting. I never considered data as a currency. I guess that this would require some kind of a scale. Thanks for the idea, very insightful!

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Lionel Dricot Quick google search:

    I agree that data won't replace currency as a monetary form you pay taxes in. But I think we're going to see data as a currency in that you will be increasingly trading your data for services – and granting companies permission to trade, or broker, your data in exchange for other services – and as such, it is going to be more and more a unit of trade. And just like we have a monetary exchange system and infrastructure, we're going to need to build a data exchange system and infrastructure. The latter doesn't quite exist yet, but should become standardized once the major players, governments, lawyers, and society in general sort themselves out and start working together on a common infrastructure and framework around the key words "internet of things", "big data", "transparency", and "privacy".

  3. Lionel Dricot

    +Sophie Wrobel > If I agree that data will be a source of income, I'm not sure I understand how data could be considered as a currency by itself. Do you have some links that explore that concept ?

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    +Lionel Dricot But, Google is there to make money. They've recognized early on that the currency of the future is not short-term cash (that's what their advertising revenues do to contribute to their financial success now). They've recognized that the currency of the future is data. And they have lots of that, thanks to their various initiatives that you mention. The diagram makes it also very clear: they have lots of data about you. That's why their future is quite bright, at least for now.

  5. barqzr davi

    horrible graphic design , near impossible to read even with zoombrowser on big screen , he needs to do something about that , make the text contrast more , there dozens of ways


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