Unbreakable, bendable display?

By | January 12, 2013
TL;DR: Youm + root + Android = awesome gadget!

I wonder what the precise organic composition of that display is. It sounds quite appealing, and just'organic' sounds too mysterious.

/via +Wayne Radinsky 

Samsung’s Bendable Phone Could Break Apple’s Innovation Hegemony – Forbes
Samsung’s advances in this technology have the potential to seriously hurt Apple as Samsung is believed to control up to 90% of the supply of OLED displays.

2 thoughts on “Unbreakable, bendable display?

  1. Kent Goertzen

    And while at Christmas I watched a nephew-in-law trying to put on that anti-scratch guard for his ipad for several hours without it having air-bubbles under it.   And all I could think is why didn't he just buy a better non-Apple product. 


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