Astroid mining: coming soon to our pool od 'natural' resources

By | December 24, 2012
Earth running out of resources? Let's just get a few from the astroid belt. At least, towing astroids into reach seems to be on the drawing board for the next decade… I wonder why an organic astroid, though, instead of one with rare earths in it. And at the same time, why not expel some of our wastes up to the astroid belt in exchange?

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Nasa plans to ‘lasso’ asteroid the size of two double-decker buses and turn it into a space station to orbit the moon
Nasa scientists are presenting the White House with a plan to capture an asteroid and steer it to a new position where it will act as a stepping stone to Mars.

5 thoughts on “Astroid mining: coming soon to our pool od 'natural' resources

  1. Eric Fraker

    Asteroid mining isn't about bringing the mass to Earth – its about having materials already in orbit, so they don't need to haul them up the gravity well. Eventually it might be smart to look for rare earths and dense metals – right now the only rational things to look for in an asteroid are hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon – because all of them are needed abundantly and are a serious pain to haul up to 200+ km.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Nelson Cruz true – but given the relative cost of organic material in comparison to rare earths, the business benefit of a rare earth astroid may actually offset the cost of slingshotting it into orbit, whereas scientific research doesn't. but there is obvious value in that as well. 🙂

  3. Nelson Cruz

    "The fact the asteroid is rich in carbon, a key element in organic molecules necessary for life, means it could explain more about the building blocks of life on our own planet."

    Apparently they want something carbon rich for scientific reasons. But I think it could also be useful to synthesize fuels from it.


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