Google Glass plays sound directly to your middle ear

By | December 12, 2012
Very interesting: Google Glass uses speakers that play sound into the mastoid region, located in the middle ear, instead of via conventional speakers located at the outer ear.  This is, while not a new technique, a nice subtlety and a lot less obvious than earbuds. I wonder how battery performance and hearing-impaired use lines up with this technology.

/via +John Blossom 

How sound works on Google’s Project Glass | Gadgets |
Dec. 7, 2012 – In case you didn’t know it, the only port on Google’s Project Glass headset is the microUSB port, and it is only used for charging. In other words, Google’s

7 thoughts on “Google Glass plays sound directly to your middle ear

  1. Christine Paluch

    +Sophie Wrobel There is no need for an earpiece with this technology. That is why they are using it, it just has to be close enough to the ear to work.  That will be the case where it rests with nearly all glasses. 

  2. Abe Pectol

    Hopefully it will not give headaches on prolonged use. Together with their display tech, which, AFAIU, is also likely to be prone.


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