Self-replenishing water bottle

By | November 22, 2012
Needless to say this technology could help significantly in regions where clean drinking water is scarce, if at all, present. No magic, but it extracts condense water from the air.

This also sounds strangely familiar to how an air conditioner operates. Can we combine the two? Energy-saving air conditioning that produces drinking water?

Inspired by a beetle that draws water from the air, scientist creates self-filling water bottle
The Namib Desert beetle lives in an area that only gets half an inch of rainfall per year, and so it draws 12 percent of its weight in water from the air to quench its thirst. NBD Nano …

One thought on “Self-replenishing water bottle

  1. Naveen Sivakumaran

    Wow this would indeed be an amazing break-through! Unless of of course it's commercialised to a point where the average person cannot afford. If that be the case, no real good would come of it for the regions that are suffering from poverty and lack of basic resources like drinking water. 


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