E-Ink in your smartphone

By | November 21, 2012
Why didn't someone think of this earlier? This is awesome. You can avoid all the 'keep display on' codes- which is great for things like calendar widgets with your day schedule, reading apps, and other reference that can be done without needing to turn on the screen.

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Your next smartphone is likely to have a flexible E Ink screen on the backside showing Google Now, important notifications and other of your favorite most relevant data constantly. The texture of the flexible E Ink screen can be same as your current Android phone. I estimate that adding E Ink on the back of your next phone may cost just $10 or $20 more in materials, it won't make much sense to build mid- to high-end smartphones without it. Anytime you read stuff on your phone, just flip it over, the accelerometer may automatically beam over the text you had open on the LCD/AMOLED also turning off the backlight. Multi-day to week-long battery life is to be expected. When you answer a phone call, it can switch to showing some nice art texture, to make your phone look cool and different. E Ink on your Smartphone

4 thoughts on “E-Ink in your smartphone

  1. Christopher Cooke

    Slap a panel on the back of the next generation of tablets, too, please!  I'd love to be able to read my .pdfs on a full sized screen, without the need for a strain inducing backlight.


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