States seek independence from the USA

By | November 15, 2012
Not sure whether this is more amusing or worrisome. Activist post tends to be on the dramatic side, but the links to the petitions are valid: there are a number of states who have petitioned the white house for independence.

This obviously means that people are upset. What is not so clear is the motivation: what issues are the issues behind dissent? Or are they simply so many issues that each individual issue might not be sufficient to cause the people to demand change, but all together are sufficient to cause the people to seek change? Is this a philanthropic grassroots-driven request, or a republican-driven request for more power?

/via +L. Charles Burch 

White House Forced to Confront State Petitions to Secede? (Updated)
Joe Wright Activist Post The White House website has been bombarded with petitions that have mushroomed to all 50 states moving to secede. The first petition came in from Louisiana the day after Obama…

19 thoughts on “States seek independence from the USA

  1. Саня Рустиков

    mI constantly wonder where the 2 countries would be if South and North never joined. Looks like progress vs conservatism. Nice to have moderation of both but sometimes lack of reasoning by so called "more virtuous" side makes me wish they would split and eat up their trueth in practice and hopefully grow up. But again it would probably just be a bad and unhappy neighbor… with Rupert Murdoch as its head 😉

  2. John Poteet

    They have to vote for you if you're going to win the Republican primaries. Unfortunately whatever you say to them to get that nomination makes you a liability in the general election. Rather a bit of a tough spot for the Republican party. 

  3. Michael Epson

    Honest question.  Is this truly the core of the far right that Romney was courting?  

    "We lost the election. Fine, we'll secede from the union and start our own country."

    How could any candidate expect to win the majority by courting these people?

  4. Christine Paluch

    +John Poteet is right these people are the same right wing crazies and racists that formed the tea party. They do not deserve credibility, when the reality is they are upset that a black man is still president. 

  5. John Poteet

    Meaningless other than as an expression of outrage from the deepest sectors of the reality-denying right wing. The only concern is if some of them start shooting at stuff because the necessity of questioning suspects will spark more fictional tales of oppression. 

  6. Akshay Bist

    States haven't petitioned for anything. From what I've read these are White House petitions started by some American citizens. And I saw a few petitions asking for the people supporting the seceding petitions to have their citizenship revoked.
    Idiots being idiots, nothing more


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