Oracle's cross-platform (iOS / Android) development tooling

By | November 14, 2012
I just saw this on an email newsletter today. Anyone have experience with Oracle's ADF? Does it actually work to a significant extent – or is it just minimally better than PhoneGap?

Oracle Application Development Framework – Oracle ADFUntitled Document
Oracle ADF Homepage – Information about the Oracle Application Development Framework

35 thoughts on “Oracle's cross-platform (iOS / Android) development tooling

  1. Francois Demers

    +Dieter Mueller I managed to write my first application with Eclipse and PhoneGap (Android for now). Past PhoneGap 0.9, I am completely lost but what I need can be done with 0.9
    The thing looks ugly as sin for now. Working on fixing the looks.

  2. Dmitry Skripkin

    And yet, cher Francois, for some reason liberal arts give us a freedom to dream and create concepts of instances never seen before, the ones which to some extent made the modern world such as it is now. If you need some examples I can personally share.

  3. Oleg Kiorsak

    +Sophie Wrobel

    we had at some point experience the joys of "ADF" and Oracle "tools" for web apps development (2007-2008)

    suffice to say a switch was made to GWT- based UI frameworks…

    (it would be indeed counter-productive to share all my subjective impressions and "IMHO" on Oracle product and "the way if doing things"… who knows… it's a small world, tough times – need to keep my employability options broader rather than limited 😉

  4. Francois Demers

    Popping my head back in for a quick comment: the whole thing is probably written in Java: the installer takes over your machine, slow as molasses climbing a hill: Java
    Popping out

  5. Dmitry Skripkin

    +Francois Demers Sometimes ugly is appropriate. For instance, we are celebrating Halloween and, voila, there is an app for that  LOL. I'd rather partner up if it's a good app with an appropriate ugly UI that passes both Appstore (which has design criteria requirements) and Google Play (that has sheer recommendations).


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