The Loser's Movie

By | November 12, 2012
It is not every day when you get a letter signed by the Army of Dumbledore. But the local police did. Indeed, they even knew who wrote it: it was written by a 14-year-old boy. The letter contained a request for food items to be labeled in Catalan. Everyone for miles around speaks Catalan, so it makes sense to have ingredients labelled in the language of daily communication – or so you would think.

The police, however, disagreed. They decided to take action against the preposterious request. They sent a riot squad, fully clad in all their glory, to the teenager's home in the middle of the night. The squad knocked at the door, and prepared to face the Army of Dumbledore – or at least, it's self-proclaimed leader.

The riot squad did not, however, extradite the leader of the Army of Dumbledore. Instead, they confiscated all of his books, hard disks, and many belongings, and in order to retrieve them, the leader had to visit the police station the following morning and recant his outrageous demands.

The incident happened not too long ago – but drew enough reaction that a documentary was made about it. The documentary will soon be making its debut in Catalonia, a documentary about his defeat. Perhaps something more than just the Army of Dumbledore was defeated; but perhaps greater will be rallied into existance by the creation of the documentary. The loser may yet speak once more.

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  1. Víktor Bautista i Roca

    By the way, he mixed the names "Order of the Phoenix" (the adult wizards group) and "Army of Dumbledore" (the Hogwarts students group) into "L'exèrcit del Fènix", "the Army of the Phoenix".


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